User Groups

Mercy Stone Anonymous (MSA) chapters are chartered in 28 cities in America as well as 13 cities around the world.

Usually MSA chapters meet on the first Friday of each month. The purpose is to discuss the intense hatred members have for loved ones and next of kin.

Usually meetings start with someone saying, “Hi, my name is Bill and I am a murderer.” The group responds with, “Hi, Bill.”

Bill explains that he has been plotting to use a Mercy Stone on, say, his mother-in-law. So far he has not killed her, just taking things one day at time.

Bill holds up his Mercy Stone replica (which is also a tension ball) and squeezes it to relax.

Members who are consumed with ending the life of a loved one will paint or draw that person’s picture on their Mercy Stonereplica. (Mercy Stone Inc. also has a service that prints a photograph of anyone on the rock. See website for details and prices.)

In order to join an MSA chapter, you must have a sponsor who pledges to be on call 24 hours a day.

The sponsors are there for you when you feel out of control and can no longer suppress your urge for ending the life of a loved one.

Members go through a 12-step program.

Members must admit that they are cold blooded murderers and turn their anger over to a higher power.

The most successful way of suppressing the urge to kill is to rapidly squeeze the Mercy Stone stress ball while chanting the loved one’s name.

In extreme

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MSA find it useful to hold a Mercy Stone replica in each hand. In extreme-extreme cases, MSA members grip additional Mercy Stone replicas with their feet.

And in extreme-extreme-extreme circumstances MSA members chew

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on a Mercy Stone replica. (Of course additional

Mercy Stone replicas can be ordered on the web site.)