Keeping Your Mercy Stone™


If you use your Mercy Stone™ to kill people, there is a pretty good chance you are going to get blood on it.

The best way to get rid

of the blood is good old fashioned water. Just warm water does wonders.

of course if you commit murder, your DNA is going to be on the stone and that could link you to the

scene of the crime.

Since you’ve probably seen CSI and realize how much trouble your DNA can get you into, you’ll realize that you better use some bleach to get rid of your digital fingerprint.

When you use the Mercy

Stone™ as a stress ball, you’ll still want to keep it clean.

After all, if you put your dirty hands on it the replica will pick up all your filthy germs, and then if you give to someone else to play with you’ll be passing along your

nasty germs.

So keep your balls clean, warm soapy water works best. And if someone plays with your balls, you could get their germs so make certain that you wash your balls often in warm soapy water.

This is a good reason not to put your balls in your mouth.