Squeeze Away

Your Stress


So friend, how do you really feel? Run down? Stressed-out? Constipated? Angry? Worried about the future? Sad about the past? Left out of things? Unloved?

These are all natural reactions to a complex and tense world.

And while you alone can’t change the tide of human affairs, you can certainly use the Mercy Stone replica to deal with your own stress-filled life.

All you have to do is squeeze the replica. It’s actually a wonderful stress ball in the shape of a hunk of

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black marble.

Every time you feel upset or angry or befuddled, start to squeeze. And then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and we promise that you’ll start

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to feel better.

It’s a scientific fact that exercise provides a world of relief from stress, and with the palm sized Mercy Stone replica you have the perfect tiny exercise machine.

As you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze you’ll feel the muscles in your hands and arms and neck feel better.

The tension of the day will evaporate as you take a magic

break with what we call “The exerciser in your pocket.” People will smile as they watch your fingers feverishly flexing in your pocket.

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They are wise observers who understand the power of tension draining regimes.

When you squeeze, your hand muscles and arm muscles get a magical workout. Hold the squeeze for three seconds.

As your muscles relax, the tension will vanish from your arms and hands.

Carpel tunnel syndrome may be a thing of the past. Or it may not. If it persists see a doctor. Learn why milk maids have so much fun. Some users of stress balls have reported that they are less inclined to bite their nails or suck their thumbs.

We recommend, for general use, starting with a dozen squeezes per hand, then working your way up to twelve minutes with each hand.

Often anger and stress melt away.

It could be a miracle. On the other hand, well, who knows? We are not medical doctors and the only blind studies we have conducted have been with a very nearsighted blonde intern. This triggered repeated visits from the vice squad.

Sure, you may want to kill someone with the Mercy Stone replica but as you exercise you may discover anti-social impulses fading, and as they fade so does the chance of a heart attack. If you suffer a heart attack do call 911.

You may use the Mercy Stone in almost any situation: arguing, sex, phoning, base jumping and of course high-speed pursuits. What better way to exercise your upper body.

Do not use the Mercy Stone™ while talking on a cell and driving. It could cut down on your road rage but you’ll find you might not notice children in crosswalks. (Children are very tricky to remove from modern grills.)

As in the case of all exercises—before undertaking any kind of work-out program you should check with a real physician.

He or she will probably tell you how much help the Mercy Stone replica could be to your life. Idea! Why not buy a stress ball or two for your doctors? They’ll thank you for these thoughtful presents.

Stress balls stimulate blood circulation and often reduce arthritic pain and stiffness.

Use the Mercy Stone replica to improve dexterity and stay alert in dull meetings.

You can combine the replica with meditation.

Squeeze and chant your secret mantra. (Here is your secret mantra: secret-secret. Repeat it 15,000 times.)